"It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)"



Upbattle is an annual grass roots splitboarding event held at the Cairngorm Mountain in the Scottish Highlands. Founded in 2014 by ex-pro snowboarder Jonny Barr, the weekend long event features public product demos, backcountry seminars, the Upbattle Derby, and a BBQ & Film night. In addition proceeds from the event go towards supporting the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team of volunteers who selflessly keep everyone safe in some of the harshest and most unforgiving terrain in the UK.

This year, as one of the proud sponsors of the event, we at TONIC Supply Co. have teamed up with the Upbattle team to create an Ubattle 2022 Capsule Collection, including some unique pieces featuring artwork by RPRoberts.

Checkout the Upbattle Collection here

Upbattle Splitboard event
There's no such thing as harsh weather...

You might be wondering: why ‘Upbattle’? Well, the main event of the weekend is the Upbattle Derby, a fun, yet strenuous event that highlights every aspect of split boarding. Racers run in a Le Mans style start to their kit, split the boards into touring mode,  skin up to the top of  Cairngorm Mountain, and then ride down the allocated route. The first person to complete the course and turn in a fully completed manifest wins. On offer this year are a hoard of awesome prizes from a long list of leading industry brands.
It's always an awesome weekend with lots of like-minded people and all-round good vibes no matter what the weathers doing.


Some probing questions for Jonny

If you're not up for the lung buster that is the derby,  you’ll still have the opportunity to demo some of the latest splitboards and check out some of the essential backcountry safety kit that’s available in the UK.

There will also be lots of on-hill advice covering subjects such as skinning techniques, avalanche transceivers, backcountry riding and much more.

Four skin strokers

Believe it or not, Scotland actually has some really great

and accessible terrain for splitboarding. Even when there isn't enough snow to fully open the ski areas you can still get out to stretch your lungs and legs. And if your budget won't stretch to a complete set up at the moment, don’t worry you can get a DIY kit to convert an old board and still get some experience earning your turns.

So, if you've been wanting to get into splitboarding or backcountry riding, want to brush up on some useful skills, need some advice, or just simply want to have some fun, then you really should get yourself up to Aviemore and the Cairngorms on the 19 - 20th March for Upbattle 2022. 


A back to the roots of snowboard culture & community weekender

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