So what inspired the TONEC Pressure Drop Icon design?

We wanted to create a timeless classic shape that is strong and recognisable, works in lots of different sizes/formats, and also encompasses the core passions of the TONEC Supply Co Brand: Surf, Skate, Snow and Adventure.


TONIC Supply Co Icon Logo design explained


 We tried many many iterations, but they all seemed slightly forced and a bit contrived until we stripped everything back to the basic elements: the mountain peak shape, the smooth curves to depict the transitions we love so much, and the water droplet in the negative space representing the ocean. Finally, since the overall shape still resembles a droplet, we decided to call it the Pressure Drop.

Why you ask? Because a pressure drop, or low-pressure system, causes storms that create waves in the ocean and snow in the mountains. Plus, pressure and drops also apply to skating, so it all made sense.

Those reasons aside, as lifelong skaters, snowboarders and surfers, we all know the big test is always: does it make a cool sticker? 

It passed - Game on

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